Sunday, January 4, 2009

Choices and Sacrifice

It was approaching 3.15am. My wrists and fingers were getting cramps. The rolled up face towel I had placed at the end of the keyboard to help support my wrist were no match for the abuse in hours it had been in use. My eyes were getting very tired, and I do believe even the laptop screen was flickering......

My God, if I had to measure the effort I have been putting into this research and the outcome of it at the end of the day in terms of worldly materials, this is DEFINITELY not worth it. But I know it goes beyond just this present time, and it is an investment. It is a sacrifice I had chosen to take, and I cannot back out now. How much easier it would be just to say that it is too hard and I cannot cope. How much easier it is to chose something else, which will definitely be easier. How much I wish I could be in bed now sleeping........ But the choice was my own choosing, and I chose to sacrifice these little luxuries now for a better future, here and the life after. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, a word not foreign to me. I understand it well. And it comes when we are given choices. And for these choices, I thank the Almighty, for giving me the option of choices. Secondly, for guiding me to make the right choices.