Tuesday, November 9, 2010

happy birthday abang

Another year passing.

He would have been 40 today.

We would have spent our 14th year anniversary recently.

It will be 7 years of not seeing him this December. That's exactly how long we were married.

We are reaching that equal mark. Soon, his passing will be longer than how long we spent married life together.

I'm still counting. Do I need to? Do I have to? Is it wrong to?

You know what? I can do what ever I feel I want. And today, I chose to continue counting.

So Abang, happy 40th birthday. I met you 20 years ago at your tender age of 20. Those were the days....we were young, felt invincible and the sky was our limit. We did good and I am proud to have been your wife and mother to our 2 children. They are doing well, and I cannot have asked for such beautiful, caring and lovely young people.

We miss you, and we pray that you are resting comfortably and be granted Jannah.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Entry

I've just arrived home, and sitting at the computer as I wait for the chicken to defrost.

The kids are outside, clearing the inflatable pool they enjoyed over the long weekend. Hearing their laughter now, it appears they are having as much fun emptying out the water as they had playing in it.

That's what it's all about, ei? Enjoying life's journey in all it's processes. Having fun creating it, having fun once it is created and enjoying it while clearing and ending it. It's sad that the pool will be folded up again.

But it will be inflated again in the near future. The cycle of life continues.