Sunday, September 7, 2008

The visit

He came and visited us yesterday, in our dreams. All three of us had wonderful dreams of happiness.

I was walking home from work, up the hills in Brighton. The sun was in my face, and I could see the bay window of our cottage. (It wasn't really the cottage we lived in, but it was a gorgeous little cottage near the cul-de-sac. I always imagined us living there....). The curtains were drawn open, and I could see him in the front living area reading the papers. My heart skipped a beat, before it went into a little rhythm of excitable arrythmias. It was him. It was truly him, and I missed him so much that day.

I hastened my pace to reach home faster and as he turned the pages of the paper, he caught me walking up the hill towards the front door from the corner of his eyes. He folded the paper and gave me a smile. I saw him getting up to open the door, but I got there first and ran into the living room to give him the biggest hug ever.

He hugged me back, and it felt wonderful. He was his strong self again, before the lymphoma, before the chemo, before the bone marrow transplant, before the graft rejection, before the lung failure........

I stood back for just a second to get a good look at him again. He was in his favourite khaki coloured trousers and dark shirt. He smiled and pulled me up for a second hug.

Then he whispered in my ears, "Anything you want. You can have anything you want."

Then I woke up. I was back in my room. I closed my eyes again, just to grab that sensation of his presence again. It was lovely. What a beautiful dream.

Thank you Abang, for visiting. We say prayers for you everday. We are doing ok insya'Allah. We hope you resting peacefully in Allah's protection. Come again soon, ok?