Friday, December 19, 2008

Ring Ring. Wake up call.

As I tried to sort out a million things in my head while driving home this evening, my body went into autopilot.

I must remember to sort out those xrays.
The patient needs a new wheelchair.
She needs to have her blood pressure sorted out, or she will have another stroke soon.
That young boy is still having a lot of tremours after his head injury. We need to find ways to compensate for his safe return to school.
His wife is dieing of cancer. He needs to learn to take care of himself now.
The roof is leaking.
The kitchen pipes have burst.
The upstairs bathroom is leaking into the downstairs bathroom.
My statistic supervisor has just resigned. I need to find a new one.
How do I do this multiple regression analysis on my research?
What? The case reports are due in now????
New shoes for the boths of you? Didn't we just buy new ones a few months ago?
Books....the text books given by the school looks like goat food....where can I buy them new text books? The shops don't sell them anymore.


I woke up from my plethora of mixed thoughts.....

Oh crikey! There goes the expected year end half month bonus. I need a new front grill, the front bumper needs paneling and I'm hoping the radiator isn't leaking. The Proton Saga I fended was not damaged. Thank goodness...and a bit of a miracle....otherwise that would have been another worry. And no one was injured. Not seriously anyway. Except for this ringing sound in my ear, which I've mistaken for the phone twice this evening, I think I am not damaged.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Self reminder

I looked in the mirror, saw the reflection of a tired, weary faced, blood-shot eyed and aged woman.

"Are you tired?" I asked.
The reflection nodded.
"So am I" I replied, in the hope to comfort.

I splashed some water over my face. Submission date is looming too close for comfort, and the research is no where near completion. I have 2 weeks to do this. Research Viva is in January. Only on approval of the research will I be allowed to sit the exams in May.

Its been a long journey! But, getting there..............almost there. Almost there!

I looked back at the reflection in the mirror and a smile appeared. All journey will eventually come to an end, and what we get will reflect our efforts, doas from all and most importantly, the rezeki Allah has set aside for us.

"Remember"....I reminded myself. "Remember why you are doing this. You had this discussion with him over 5 years ago. You have 2 children that depends on your success. Bills bills bills....and most importantly, this is your passion, this is what you do best in, and you can make a difference on things that you found were deficient during his care. Pahala....masya'Allah! The many lives you have changed and will change. This is your investment for the afterlife. Go and do it!"

Ok! OK! I remember!

Lets get back to this research! Go Go Go!!!! Its all Go from now.