Sunday, July 20, 2008

A natural break

A month back at work, and I was feeling the strain of the workload, decision makings and emotional turmoil associated with the field of work I choose to be in.

"Please doctor, make her better. She has 2 little girls at home" pleaded her husband. His wife was so severely head injured after the accident, she most likely will never come out of her minimally conscious state. She will need long term nursing care. How do you break that to her husband, who was pleading for her recovery?

The next few weeks continued with more stress at work. Each day became harder. Yesterday's tiredness didn't go away with the night's rest, and energy level for the next day became less and less. I wasn't coping. I needed a break. But because there were always a shortage of doctors, leaves were a luxury, and often, service was a priority. But Allah knew best......

I came down with chickenpox.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Faith is a powerful thing to have. It gives me the strength to move on. Knowledge, information, common sense helps us find reasons of why, how, when and what. Information to help give the perception of understanding. However, there are a few things that aren't meant to be understood yet, beyond the comprehension of the weak human being, as Allah knows best. This understanding is kept from us for the time being, until He says it is time for us to comprehend. In the meantime, we search. We may find some of the answers. We may not. It surely does not mean the answers are not there. Thats where faith kicks in for me.

Faith is my foundation, and that makes me believe.
Faith is not something that can be taught, or passed from generation to generation.
Faith cannot be seen and easily explained.
Faith is something from within you. A part of you.
Faith is how I live my life.

I pray to Allah that my faith to Him stands strong, that no one can budge me from my foundations. I pray to Allah to protect me from wrong doings, as I am humble and weak. I cannot ask from any other than Allah to help me.

I thank the Almighty that He has given me the strength and faith needed to keep me strong, to have kept me sane in enduring life's little tests, as life on earth is so mere temporary.

I pray for all my loved ones that they too are kept in Allah's loving grace, and have the faith and believe as I do, if not more.