Monday, June 2, 2014

Too good an imagination

Somebody mentioned that I have vision, and I can get people to believe in my ideas and create something from nothing. A skill I am thankful for, as it has helped me build the team & services & infrastructure.
However, sometimes this vision of creating a world of perfection can backfire. I sometimes believe all too much in my vision, it clouds reality. I cannot see that fine line and cross over unintentionally, in a world of an almost fantasy. Ignorance & naivety feeds it. It's probably why I am always smiling & happy, I suppose.
I hate it when reality strikes. I fall from such a height, it hurts.
However, I get up and dream again, imagining & visualizing what could be. I have to believe in it. That drives me, and keeps me going. Call it crazy. But guess what? That crazy thing keeps me sane.