Saturday, April 21, 2012

Status Update

It has definitely been a while since I have been here. I suppose that is a good sign, as the reason I began writing was to de-clutter the old nutter.....

Anyway, it is a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As I sat on my wooden swing at the side porch, with the wind blowing against my face, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness which I wanted to share with somebody. Anybody.

Out came the laptop once more as I start typing after a very long absence. This time, it isn't the whiney "OMG my life is so sad" type of blog.

Status update: hmmmmm.....I has been a good few months. I am still head of department (believe it or not), got some papers published, going to present another paper abroad at a conference soon, got my confirmation and now promoted to a higher grade. I will also be enjoying the 13% increase in pay when that gets deposited into my account next week. So, work life, no complaints.

Family life, doing well there too. My son will be receiving an award tomorrow at school for best student in English. Baby Princess is also doing well in school. Most importantly, they are enjoying their studies and I have not had to lift a finger to push them along. Mum and dad are doing well too. I've managed to loosen the strings a bit in terms of their medical care, so that they can take a bit of responsibilty on self care. Just in case I go away for a wee while, at least it doesn't leave them in a position where they can't take care of themselves.

Where am I going? Hahaha....I have big plans ahead. Lets see where fate takes me, but I will try my best to do what I have planned. Insya'Allah, if He blesses me with this new path.